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Nuclear Fuel Cycles for a Sustainable Future

The ATALANTE 2008 conference

The 3 International ATALANTE Conference gathered about 350 attendees on 19-23 May 2008, in the Corum, Montpellier, France.

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ATALANTE conferences

The ATALANTE conferences provide an international forum for presentation and discussion of the advances for future fuel cycles and waste management which are key topics for a sustainable development of nuclear energy.


After ATALANTE 2004, held in Nimes, and ATALANTE 2000, in Avignon, ATALANTE 2008 is the third edition of the conference organized by the CEA.


ATALANTE, located in Marcoule CEA center, in the Rhone valley, is the CEA's nuclear facility for R&D on the fuel cycle.

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